viernes, 15 de diciembre de 2006


My Dears, (my dear bloges)

Today is my first day in the blog world,...yes I know I am quite late but well there is always time for something, right?

English is not my native language but I thought that writing in other local one would be limited and also maybe the persons nearby are the last ones who should read this.

In fact, I am still uncertain about whether I should open freely and spill it all or do as we always do in normal life, contain everything and just let some spills out. Well hope you can read between lines (this is spanish saying)

So, first of all, my name. Actually this name is the one which I used when signing some of the poems which I wrote during adolescence. I found it very useful now, some years later, because as I said the least I'm expecting is some friend to know that I am writing this. It would add maybe another black dot in my standards, which are very low for the usual and boring social rules. Obviously they were poems in spanish, more precisely in catalan, and they were usually dedicated to girls with whom i wanted to share some more than a few words.

Having said that, just to say that whatever published here will be emotional, exhilarating, just for laughs or well who knows. Hope that I wont be too hard sometimes, or too the middle of thousands of bloges, who cares?

On the other hand I am not sure whether I should show all my family here or not, whether I should show where I live and how I live, because again someone may get here and recognize it all and well I could be ashamed for the rest of my life.

Another thinking now is...maybe some of the ones who are laughing about me during daylight -which I am pretty used to- could not wait to get home at night and read the next edition of this diary. That is part of the nowadays ironies, again, another one...who cares?

The places-pictures which you see here are related to my hometown. I am also happy to promote the place, not to let it crowded but well maybe a bit more wouldnt harm too much. This last summer I met someone from Southampton (UK) in the local pool, and he was impressed. He was there with his second wife (both divorced and with two children each, a crowd in a van) He told me that he was so happy for having found this wonderful place, so quiet and so nice. Actually, to tell you the truth, they were like martians on earth, because the local kids were attacking theirs only because they couldnt understand their english, so I had to intervene to stop it once for all. Yes, one of my goals could be to promote it, and one day, if I could, leave this B. office (with the B. computer screen and B. fluorescence lights, and B too warm too cold) and start something like a restaurant in the tiny village there. My quality of life would improve in a sec (at least during the good weather)

I am happy about Argentina, because I have relatives there, you see. They went many years ago, and they only speak spanish. So this means that I will have to make a few articles in spanish so that they can see.

Well this is like a bottle of good CAVA (spanish version of champagne wine), starts bubbling and with very good taste, and after a bit...I dont know what more to write, it will come more later. I am going to have a good rest now and "con esto y un bizcocho...hasta mañana a las ocho". Welcomed Full moon, welcome party, welcome good mood, welcome friends and look DONT SPOIL THE PLANET WE CAN LIVE WITH LESS CARS AND LESS THINGS, DONT CONSUME SO MUCH. Just a small cup of good wine is enough for a nice evening.

Oh mention that the prehistorical painture is in the Vall of Meià, in Cogulló mountain, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain.


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