lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2006

Office Fauna

My dears bloges

Well this the blog I mean in fact is like shouting in the desert, because as you can see what i write here is written on a blank sheet of paper hanging on the wall. I think it is more a therapeutic treatment rather than a way of comunicating. I was just in front of the blogger panel trying to read any blog and they just are presented to you as are you supposed to find the one which you're interested about? well again..who cares...just mention that the blog with the naughty girls must be the one...on the other hand i tried to find mine through some key words and it proved impossible, just some brazilian pages....well again who cares

I think that when someone attaches the page, there should be a way of communicating, so that the channel is some how created...maybe at the end of the day you can find your mate through the net.

Well after this long dissertation, just wanted to talk about the title thing. My job is in fact staying in the office all day. So...well another way for time to go is just watch the people, and also I must admit, watching girls. It is interesting to see how they dress, they move, and so on. In fact this is like living in a cage, we are in a zoo, but the difference is that in the zoo the animals have sexual relations also and is not the case in the office, well not always but sometimes.

The girl which we all watch, whom Ill call Tonia, was married and had an affair inside the office. It is understandable, because this girl is something special, and likes to move when walking . Also has good body and good hair and even though is not the model for her face, you wouldnt refuse a good night with her. So this guy, fortunate guy, entered her intimacy and it seems that on some loose times they went to a secret place in the office, like some document store, of which she had the keys, and usually they went out all sweated...once someone came in the middle of...I dont know how far they seems that the rest was done somewhere else, and this of course involved problems in the main relation of hers.

So well this lady is still around, though it seems that divorce and all involved went on. The 2nd guy left also his girlfriend as the lady surely was better...and the guy found heaven possibly even though now dont live togehter..? who knows, that's their life...

But we at the office all imagine the details about the intercourses, and watch eagerly as she passes by. She does pass by very often, she must get bored or fed up with her job, imagine, all full with papers. But she for us is like a relief though i didnt make any satisfaction myself thinking of her....I need more direct stimulation to make it.

Well after tonia there are several other ladies which are quite lower in the scale but still make us think dirty things. But not as much as this one surely. One is with nice face, the other comes with high fact sometimes our attitude could be a little out of control -possibly in USA we would be dnnounced- but here in Spain the law is not mature over this matter.

So when the adrenaline increases the comments come louder and harder, and we seek relief with other male mates by commenting how good would be this lovemaking or this other well B.job.

So let's see what happens. But about the fauna, again, the people in the office, i can also say that mine is a company who watches only over the image. Also the results are good -if u are selling, are you selling the good quantity- but the main thing is the image and the personal connection. So then u see that there people who dont deserve anything but still they are chosen to be bosses and so on. Not far, one college was chosen by someone in the distance only because the good mood, office computer doc presentation skills, the holidays explanations and several other reasons which are not related to his commitment in the office. My other college was totatlly devastated and depressed. As for me, it was one bad weekend and then now what i do is just nothing...well write this blog.

Matters wait for making as the company is not motivating me. Another fauna? surely i am a specific specimen in the area.

And in the office, there are of course friend connection or call it as you like. Unluckily, i dont have a personal connection with any boss, and this personal connection which you might call, did not help me till now. In fact I am a revolution person, so maybe I should change my attitude before, dont know.

Some seem to know everything. These are the most dangerous of all. They leave you always at lower level and u dont know anything at all compared to them. But i dont want to dedicate a minute to them, in fact my tactics is to fight them on all possible matters.

Then u have the ones who understand nothing. You explain to them once and again, and never get to the point. That is also a disaster.

Then there are the hard workers...hey can u..he's gone.

And well now in this one the last fauna is the one which is about to retire or is retired but still comes for some reason.

My office, my second home, the connection to the outer world, and in fact, in a way, the place where I am free because at home with all the cleaning, the family and so on, i look just like a doll with wires, in spanish we call it titella.

Well I promise that my next article will be better, can u write with so many interruptions and so many people here coming to ask and order?


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