martes, 19 de diciembre de 2006

Xmas in Catalonia

Xmas in Catalonia is for two days, then we have the weekend this time so we have four days. I will go again to my home town which is as cold as nanjing, and start the heating like wild. When the house is somehow warm, then we will feel better. Wewill clean and organize, a nd go to the big town to buy meat and all. Then we will coook all the meat in a big bowl and left if 4 hourse. With this water, we will make a soup, a very tasty soup. Then we will play with the child, letting him know
that she will get chocolates if she beats a wooden piece of a tree "tió"
When she's about to get the stick wet we will put the gifts under the "tió", so that she finds it after she comes back. She will get fun Then we will eat like crazy and then also sweets made of almonds and nuts, and honey, and then well we will just enjoy the be quiet place in the village. Maybe some friend of julia the daughter
is around, she will come to play. and then the worse is coming back here on wednesday, the month and the year will be finished....

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