viernes, 5 de enero de 2007

My Blog up to now


i am trying to deal with the blogger tools, and firs of all, What I found is that it is so difficult to enter it. I could not really be succesful after 10 minutes trying different accounts and paswords. Well never so difficult. Just now i entered. And of course i wont be able to classify it propoerly. does not matter. Well later I will learn I hope.

Well now on fridays im free in the afternoons so after a good lunch and some spanish wine i feel in good strengh to write something climsy. But well maybe i should be sleeping.

to maintain a blog is a hard job, other wise please see what others do they spend quite a lot in their blogs. Maybe i should do the same and could earn some cents. Well its not the case.

my aim now is go to town and leave the city now. The peace and calm which i experience in the village, well also with the wood burning in the fireplace, is the best feeling at the moment. Also I do some work there, re-make the house, which is pleasant and also funny, not to say that it also keeps me fit.

I will make some photos of it all but now what ill do is to check what is the best i can show here and ill publish it, so that you dont think im a boreful which is also a possibility.

so bye now cause in spain is "kings time" like santa claus but stronger and i need to buy presents for my daughter

By the way yesterday i missed a good job -but also a lot busied than the one who knows, am i lucky or otherwise?



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