jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

How to be located through Google

Dear Friends

I was right now reading some of my first posts. Of course I am quite young, just started the 15th of desember. Also, after reading them, I find I have, even during this short time, changed a lot. In fact I have learnt a lot of things and also improved my -say- efficiency.

At the end of the day you are what you learn, arent you?

So the main reason for this post is just make the very important comment about my name and my blog name.

It is true that this name was chosen according to my previous life periods, but the very important thing is that, even if I care a lot about it, it is a very much used name. You can find fullmoons everywhere, not only amongst the english-speaking people, also some others (like me, which I am spanish native) So what? You just enter the word fullmoon in google or other seekers and you get thousands of pages. That's not a good thing, because what you or anyone want is exist, and you exist if they can find you without much of an effort

Well the solution came from the very name itself. As I tried to register, I found that the name was being used (what a pity) So I had to manage a quick solution, which was adding this THE at the end. Well you see the true explanations sometimes are so freaky, arent they?

I still insisted in using the word without the, but finally I found that the word with the is quickly found through any seeker. I am the single one lonely! The solution was by itself!. So that's also why I changed the title name of the blog into the brand new identity. and that's all. If now any makes the wrong thing of using the, it will come to me straight ahead, from anywhere in the world. It is not that bad.

I remember another web which was offering holidays in spain. What name do you think it should have to attract the most possible users into it? Have a try with google.


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