martes, 6 de febrero de 2007

Un attimo solo

The other day I read that a girl found that the most extraordinary was that she found herself something important in life.

Then also in another blog I read that someone wrote that himself was the one who was caring most in life.

In more and more places I find that the first thing to care about is selfs furniture, that is, am I ok?!? simple but difficult question

To reach this point many things need to happen in life

for example in my case I knew this was to be true but it was not sure till i had my first child, that is, my daughter. I have to thank her first of all for finally giving me stability and self confidence against all matters.

On the other hand i see other people defending themselves for this self reassurance, but doing it by pressing the others, that is, they push the rest and so themselves, they appear higher. That is not the point at all.

What I am sure about, is that one self is most important above all, but others are also important, and each one should care each one and well if possible can also do some small care about the proximus. But this is a second matter, wchih cannot be done well if first is not safe.

So well after so many circles, I hate those unsecure who need to push the ones by the side, to feel better.

I also push all people to feel well anway, because there are many things to be done, without spoiling the area.

and finally well then you need to enjoy the time, so then, a couple of clues. Do something active, some constructive activity, make bricks, whatever. Then, make love, also, you cannot leave the hormones inside. Read a lot, love the others, speak with the people, enjoye the moment and you will reach a "furnitured" brain.

And if you have a secret hobby carry out with it if it is ok!!!

well finish for today,,will there be a nice foto to post here?

(posted at beginning)

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